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#EFP European Foodservice Partners is a vibrant network of European producers with original and trendsetting products for foodservice. The producers, carefully selected by #EFP, are usually family-owned companies that have already achieved successes in their hometown markets. They are curious to take their first steps into a new market together with #EFP. An exciting adventure in which we accompany them as ambassadors to introduce their products step by step to the correct buyers.

The focus is on the markets we know best, namely Germany and the Benelux countries. Thereby, the producers' products are extensively tested with the culinary team of Broich Hospitality Group, of which #EFP European Foodservice Partners is a member.

We currently have a large network of various producers that we intensively support in the foodservice market. We also cooperate with a number of producers/networks from Spain, Denmark and France- whom we consult at the request of the (catering) wholesaler or caterer.

This makes #EFP European Foodservice Partners the ideal partner for wholesalers, restaurants and caterers looking for inspiration and innovative products. Discover within our portfolio, among others, high end convenience, trendy patisserie, Instagrammable food, plant-based specialties and gourmet specialties.



With over 20 years of international experience in foodservice, Verenice has built an extensive network. Consisting of producers, ( horeca ) wholesalers, horeca entrepreneurs and caterers in Europe.

In 1987, Georg became involved in his parents' family business, Broich Catering. In the years that followed, he grew the catering company to where it is today. Together with Burkhard Schmitz, he established the Broich Hospitality Group, of which #EFP European Foodservice Partners is a member as well.

As CFO of broich.catering, Burkhard knows better than anyone what it is like to optimize processes by adopting the right strategy within the hospitality and events industry.

Jessica Doodeman joins the #EFP team in the position of Sales Assistant. She lives in the south of the Netherlands, Breda and is a real 'Burgundian'.

After completing a successful graduate internship at #EFP, Maree started her Master Media Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She remains involved in #EFP alongside her studies and takes care of the newsletters and social media.

Our partners are diverse and yet all connected. They are the makers of premium convenience products that are each successful in their own countries and have potential in 'foreign' markets. #EFP European Foodservice Partners offer their sales and marketing skills in the Benelux and German markets in order to give these partners a wider reach to wholesalers or end-users.


#EFP European Foodservice Partners stands for sharing trends, network and experiences.

#EFP aims to open and develop new markets for the producers we work with. To this end, we as brand ambassadors use their network, knowledge and experience. #EFP takes cultural differences into account and maintains personal contact with its contacts in multiple languages.

By looking at the needs of producers, catering wholesalers, restaurants and caterers, #EFP delivers customized solutions in creating long-term relationships within the foodservice chain. The collaborations #EFP has, are the result of a carefully built international network which ensures that #EFP is always up to date with the latest product trends, allowing us to always provide customers with innovation.


Connection, commitment and trust are keywords at #EFP. Connecting the right people in a way that is comfortable and at ease is something Verenice and Georg find incredibly important.


Verenice and Georg have years of professional experience in the Foodservice industry. Georg because of his role as an experienced catering entrepreneur and brand ambassador. Verenice through her international sales and marketing experience and past creative collaborations.


Through all the experience Verenice and Georg also have a lot of knowledge about different markets as ambassadors. Their specialty lies in the German and Benelux markets. The knowledge of #EFP continues to enrich itself. In fact, Verenice and Georg regularly go on the road to discover new things and enter into new collaborations


Networking is an important aspect at #EFP European Foodservice Partners. For example, Verenice and Georg regularly attend hospitality exhibitions where they get to meet many people from the foodservice industry.


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