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Are you a maker of a high-quality convenience product and would you like to introduce your product and brand in Benelux and/or In Germany? But aren’t you sure where to start? Then we can help you take the first step, through a product and market analysis aimed at the new market that you want to approach.


1. A unique product analysis from different perspectives


At #EFP European Foodservice Partners, your product is analyzed from a commercial perspective, but also from the user’s perspective. We test your product together with the product management team of Broich Hospitality Group on various criteria. We list the advantages, but also the points for improvement, which are needed to enter the new market. And we provide insights into your local competition.


2. Understanding a new market


If you want to enter a new market, you need focus and time. But what about trends, distribution, key accounts and business culture? Together we look at what you want to achieve in a new market and how you can approach it. How do you want to organize your logistics. How do you want to announce your product in the market? We help you to gather the right knowledge, so you can get started well prepared.