Roza Pastry… ideal for business meetings and events!

Finally, Europe is opening up. As a result, the number of business events is increasing again. But how do you ensure an original food offer with less staff?

  1. Choose original, high-quality and easy-to-prepare basic products.
  2. Provide variety and choose a healthy and indulging offer.
  3. Make your offer instagram worthy; use beautiful plates, shelves and bowls made from natural materials and finish with creative toppings.
  4. Keep an eye on your revenues.

Roza Pastry is an ideal product to help you with this:

  • Original? For sure, because it’s new to the market
  • Qualitative? yes, because it is made by hand according to traditional recipe, from fresh filo dough and richly filled with ingredients sourced from suppliers who are near to the bakery.
  • Easy? Anyone can heat this up in the oven within 7-12 minutes.
  • Variation? Yes, serve as a snack, with coffee, with drinks, as a garnish, in a dessert or in a catering box as you can see on the picture.
  • Healthy indulgence? Roza Pastry is a real indulgence product. But the size is small and you can perfectly combine it with a fresh salad. The sweet version is delicious in combination with fresh apple cubes and Greek yogurt. Like that you ensure a nice balance.
  • Instagram-worthy: absolutely, the rosy bite looks fantastic.
  • Roza Pastry is a true margin maker and contributes to a healthy return. You only bake what you need.

To know more about Roza Pastry, please contact us.