How do you work with the vegetable sheets of La Cocina de Senen?

Maybe you’ve seen it at your wholesaler or at a catering fair. The vegetable sheets of La Cocina de Senen from the R&D Food Revolution range. In this blog we explain in detail, how you can work with these vegetable sheets of beetroot, pepper, carrot, spinach or potato.


The vegetable sheets can be used in different ways:

Sushi: Ready to use, simply remove the paper. Moisten if desired for better adhesion.

Vegetable pasta: Place the vegetable sheets vertically between the rollers of your pasta maker and make vegetable spaghetti or noodles. Deep fry them for a few seconds at 170°C.

In the deep fryer: Cut the vegetable sheets first into the desired shape and deep-fry for several seconds at 170 °C. If the vegetable sheet is warm you can still fold it into the desired shape. The vegetable sheet will harden once it cools.

As ravioli: Place meat and vegetables on the shiny side of the vegetable sheet. Cover with another sheet and stick the two sheets together with a few drops of water. Steam for 90 seconds at 90°C, at 100% humidity.