Trend: One convenience solution for various moments

Due to staff shortages, it is necessary for many hotels, restaurants and caterers to make more use of convenience products. When you have little space, it is useful to choose products that are easily usable at various moments.

We take Roza Pastry Apple as an example…

1. Let’s start with breakfast!
With Roza Pastry Apple you choose an original eye-catcher on your breakfast buffet! It’s something else – and that’s exactly how you attract your guests to your restaurant.

2. Increase your coffee revenue by offering Roza Pastry as a sweet mini-indulgence. For guests who want just a little more than a biscuit and a little less than a piece of cake. Train your staff in up-selling mini-indulgence with their cup of coffee!

3. Will you soon expect more business guests again? Then it’s time to modernize your coffeebreak moment… combine a healthy choice with a sweet treat. Fill jars with Greek yogurt and fruit and offer an extra choice with Roza Pastry…

4. This autumn and winter you can even use the Roza Pastry Apple as a garnish of a game dish or as part of a delicious dessert of apple cubes, vanilla ice cream, crumble and fresh cresses.

What exactly is Roza Pastry?

Roza Pastry Apple is a handmade delicacy of fresh filo dough, with a filling of apple, walnut, eggs, yogurt and a touch of cinnamon. It is a bit reminiscent of a strudel, but then it is beautifully rolled in the shape of a rose. Serving warm to lukewarm is the most delicious thing, but it can certainly also be eaten at room temperature. First bake in the oven (7-12 minutes). You buy it frozen, so you have less foodwaste and you only use what you need that day. In addition to apple, Roza Pastry is also available with pumpkin. Or when you go for more savory, you can choose from the flavors with cheese, olives or leeks. All without meat or fish, so perfectly suited for a vegetarian menu.