Discover tomorrow’s ‘gour’venience at EFP!

Are you looking for high-quality convenience products, to solve a shortage of staff, then you have come to the right place. We have great products for every part of your menu, which are made for you with passion and love and where you can rely on craftsmanship from the maker of the product.

We offer a large selection of gourmet tapas, ingredients and pastry from Spain and Portugal, sous-vide cooked and natural fruit from France, fish specialties from Spain and Germany, caterer products and pastry from Belgium and the Netherlands, pop-out appetizers from the Netherlands, Sandwiches, Sushi and Frozen sandwiches from the Netherlands, trendy drinks from Spain and Roza Pastry from Sofia.

We like it when you contact us! We are happy to help you with:

* Discovering new products adapted to your needs
* Time-saving products
* Solutions that allow you to scale up quickly
* Constant quality products