Today we inspire the hospitality entrepreneur and caterer with three easy lunch ideas.

1. Chefs Croques
Delicious bread filled with mustard spread, ham and cheese with on-top bechamel and grated cheese mix. This Croque tastes exactly like a Croque should be! Incredibly handy in your restaurant, because you heat it up quickly in the sandwich grill or in the oven. Also super to prepare in a high-speed oven. In addition to the classic recipe, you can also opt for an ‘Italian Veggie’, an ‘Omelet Bacon’ and a ‘Sloppy Joe’

2. Quiche Chefs Style
Create your own quiche in three steps using the ‘Quiche Chef’s Style’. In the box you will find a pre-baked puff pastry. And a separate, pre-baked base quiche filling in a wooden ring. Place the puff pastry under the salamander and in the meantime heat the quiche filling in the microwave or oven. Present both components to your liking on the board and personalize with your own garnish. In summer, for example, you finish with grilled vegetables and pine nuts, while in autumn you work with fried mushrooms. Serve with a fresh salad and you have the ideal lunch dish.

3. Roza Pastry
Roza Pastry is a handmade bite of filo pastry, with a rich filling of yogurt, eggs and cheese. As part of a lunch dish, you can use Roza Pastry as a surprising garnish with soup or salad. The original rose shape will certainly attract the attention of your guests. Available in the savoury flavors cheese, olive and leek. Or go for sweet with pumpkin, apple and carrot. Bake in the oven for 7-12 minutes. Serve warm – lukewarm.