How we connect manufacturers of beautiful products with the right customers…

Thank you for visiting our website. By sharing our experiences, our knowledge and our network with each other and with our customers, we have discovered that we can connect beautiful products with the right customers. This results into successful collaborations and product introductions.


Our customers are mainly located in Benelux and Germany, but also in other European markets, we know specialized distributors and caterers. The manufacturers are always based in Europe and we place high demands on the quality of the products. We assess each producer from the perspective of the end user, the local market needs and the demand from the hospitality wholesaler. It is important for us that chefs can rely on our selection of products, because we know that chefs only want to work with convenience if they are 100% behind the quality of the product. By using personal sales, online marketing and tastings, we provide successful results for every partner in the chain.