Do you serve the Perfect Serve?

Perfect Serve is the ideal partner for chefs and product developers who have an idea for a unique product, but the preparations takes too much of the kitchen capacity. Perfect Serve is able to solve this for you. In addition, Perfect Serve offers a nice range of premium convenience menu items, specially developed for foodservice and catering.

Discover new starters, rich on flavour and easy to use. Like the Pop-Out Pasta shell, cooked in curry and filled with smoked salmon and lava cream. Serve with the matching tarragon pesto dressing, a fresh dressing derived from the traditional pesto, but instead of basil, prepared with picked tarragon leaves.

In combination with a fresh garnish of lettuce, mashed pecans, and pearls of lemon, you are able to provide a large group of guests with the Perfect Serve within a short time.