Sous-vide cooked, natural fruit, as a base for your own recipe…

Fruit is healthy and used in many recipes. Apifruit focuses on the natural taste and texture of fruit. The fruit is washed, peeled and then processed intact or sliced. The fruit, preferably harvested locally in the South of France, is lightly sous-vide cooked and pasteurised in its own moisture. Exactly when the fruit is perfectly riped. This ensures a sustainable product at room temperature.


No addition of sugar or syrup…


No sugar or syrup is added to the natural recipes. For the convenience lover, there are also some ready-to-use recipes made by a chef. The fruit is at constant quality available all year round. After opening you can use the fruit for at least another 3 days, when kept chilled. It is a great solution for chefs, caterers, pastry chefs and bakers, because this fruit provides stability and speed in kitchen and bakery.


Serving tips:

The summer is the perfect time to work with delicious mango cubes or figs that you can easily incorporate into a salad or a dish. Or serve a modern version of the Poire Belle Hélene ice cream coupe using the Poire Williams pears!